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Supportive medical equipment has always been very important for those who are in phase of recovery after an accident or a medical procedure. However, with persistent advancement in technology, now, there is found a massive range of supportive medical equipment to assist in speedy recovery and safe mobilization of patients. If you are living in Buford and looking for a reliable medical equipment rental in Buford, we, the Total Care Medical Supply are there to serve you. We ensure the delivery of the best supportive medical equipment that matches your requirements.

Unlike other service providers, we offer an easy accessibility to all our medical equipment. Once you tell us about your requirements, we deliver the product at your door step.

We have a huge range of supportive medical equipment; however, followings are some of the most used supportive medical equipment that improve that chances of speedy recovery of your loved ones.


Wheel chair is the first option which comes to the mind when it is about eliminating the restrained mobility of your loved ones. Wheel chair is the simplest option to facilitate someone for mobilization. 

If you are in Buford and looking for a good medical rental store in Buford for wheel chair rental, you can contact us by filling the form available on our website, or you can call us on the number given on our website

Electric Scooters

Other than knee walkers, electric scooters are also an excellent option to eliminate the problem of mobility for your patients. Electric scooters are safe to ride and do not require any manual force to be driven. These scooters can be used to cover short as well as intermediate distances. You can rent electric scooter from Total Care Medical supply on flexible terms.

Knee Walkers

When someone is ill, mobility becomes an anguish not only for patient but for attendants as well. The problem of mobility can be minimized using a mobility device like knee walker. Now, you can rent knee walker from Total Care Medical Supply on both the long-term and short-term renting plans.

knee walker
Ultra Light Semi Electric Hospital Bed

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds can be massively helpful when it comes to improve the chances of recovery from an accident or a medical procedure. If you have someone at your home who is in recovering phase, you may need to have a hospital bed. You can reach out to us to tent a hospital bed without a problem.

Power scooter
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Totalcare Medical Supply has different types of medical equipment for rent. If equipment of your choice is not listed below, give us a call. We rent most of the equipment we sell in our store. If you cannot come to our store, we will deliver to you. If you so desire to buy any of our rental equipment, we will be glad to sell it to you at a very reduced price

How Does It Work ?

Bring a valid ID. We do not require a deposit. Customers can pick up any of the equipment from our store location to avoid delivery charges. Please call to confirm equipment availability. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

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