Medical Equipment Rental in Lawrenceville

Recovering from an injury requires some special arrangements which are incomplete without required supportive medical equipment. For instance, self-mobilization becomes nearly impossible while recovering from an injury or after a medical procedure; however, chances of speedy recovery can be massively increased using specialized supportive medical equipment. So, if you are in Lawrenceville and looking for a reliable service provider for medical equipment rental in Lawrenceville, we, the Total Care Medical Supply can assist you in this regard.

We have a massive range of supportive medical equipment that can provide users with an ultimate ease for their mobilization and speedy recovery.

When it comes to rent medical supplies in Lawrenceville, Total Care Medical Supply can be the best service provider in this regard. Followings are some of the most required supportive medical equipment that we offer.


Wheel chair is one of the long-considered, but still, reliable solution for mobility of people who are unable to walk on their feet. You can rent both manual and electrically powered wheel chairs for your loved ones. These mobility devices are designed to offer convenience in mobility without posing any risk for recovering people.

Electric Scooters

Whether you are recovering from an injury or a medical procedure, electric scooter is one of the best options to choose to solve the problem of mobility. Electric scooters are safe and rechargeable. Powered by a rechargeable battery, you can use your electric scooter for considerable amount to time. If you are in Lawrenceville and searching for a good option to rent an electric scooter, you can contact us now.

Knee Walkers

If you are looking for renting knee walker in Lawrenceville, we, the Total Care Medical Support are here to serve your cause. Knee walkers are also among the best options which provide you with a safe option for mobility of your loved ones.

knee walker
Ultra Light Semi Electric Hospital Bed

Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are inevitable when it comes to ensure a speedy and full recovery of a patient from an injury or a medical procedure. For sure, no one will prefer to stay in hospital as long as patient fully recovers. So, in this situation renting an adjustable hospital bed appears to be the most feasible and reliable solution.

Power scooter
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Totalcare Medical Supply has different types of medical equipment for rent. If equipment of your choice is not listed below, give us a call. We rent most of the equipment we sell in our store. If you cannot come to our store, we will deliver to you. If you so desire to buy any of our rental equipment, we will be glad to sell it to you at a very reduced price

How Does It Work ?

Bring a valid ID. We do not require a deposit. Customers can pick up any of the equipment from our store location to avoid delivery charges. Please call to confirm equipment availability. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

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