Ottobock Option 2 - AP+ Back Brace

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The Otto Bock SPINE Brace helps users easily treat or manage back pain without a prescription. The lumbar support belt stabilizes your lower back and relieves pain or prevents injury so you can stay comfortable and active.

  • Allows for natural movement while providing support and stability and encouraging proper posture and spine alignment
  • Adds pressure to your abdominal cavity to provide a hydro static lift on your lower spine and relieve pressure
  • One-step pulley system allows for 6:1 mechanical advantage; easily adjust the amount of pressure on your back with just one hand
  • Nylon mesh side panels provide vertical support
  • Made of breathable nylon material for maximum comfort
  • Size large; available in a variety of sizes
  • OTC retail packaging with 6-minute video on how to manage back pain
  • 5-year warranty on pulley system

To treat your lower back pain and prevent further injury without a prescription, purchase the Cybertech SPINE Brace.